Students from all 50 states have successfully completed TeacherStep courses. However, each school, district, and state has its own set of rules about licensure and re-certification, so please seek approval prior to registering for a course to verify acceptance.

Recertification By State



Professional licenses are valid for five (5) calendar years and must be renewed in order to remain active. Professional licenses that are either one (1) year from expiring or currently on inactive status can be renewed only if the required number of Professional Development Points (PDPs) has been earned.

Regardless of when an educator is expected to renew their professional license, if employed the educator must obtain final approval of their individual professional development plan by their supervisor; the educator must have a minimum of 10 PDPs in a topic area in order to use the PDPs towards license renewal. Each additional license that an educator renews requires 30 PDPs in the content area of each license to be renewed.

Professional development activities shall be identified by the educator and supervisor during the development of, and review of, the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)* in order to better support student achievement. Individual professional development plans must include at least 150 PDPs that break down as follows:

  1. At least 15 PDPs in content (subject matter knowledge)
  2. At least 15 PDPs in pedagogy (professional skills and knowledge)
  3. At least 15 PDPs related to Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) or English as a Second Language (ESL)
  4. At least 15 PDPs related to training in strategies for effective schooling for students with disabilities and the instruction of students with diverse learning styles
  5. The remaining required 90 PDPs may be earned through either “elective” activities that address other educational issues and topics that improve student learning, or additional content, and/or pedagogy.

*For more information please visit the Massachusetts Department of Education website.


1 graduate semester credit
= 22.5 Professional Development Points (PDPs)

3 graduate semester credits
= 67.5 PDPs



If you are under contract in a Maryland local school system, a non-public school providing services to special education students, or a State institution, your renewal request will be processed by your employer.


  •  ​A cover letter requesting a renewal of your certificate. Please include your full name, email address, last 4 digits of your social security number, and telephone number;
  • Six semester hours of acceptable credit*
*​Acceptable credit is credit that is:
  • Earned or taught at a regionally accredited college/university or through Maryland approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits​; and
  • Related to a school assignment; and
  • Earned within 5 years immediately preceding the date the certificate is issued​​; and
  • Earned in required reading course work if not      already completed (teaching areas only).

If you are not currently employed in a local school ​ system, non-public school providing services to special education students, or a State institution, please submit the requirements within 90 days of certificate expiration.

*For more information please visit the Maryland Department of Education website.


1 graduate semester credit
= 1 semester hour

3 graduate semester credits
= 3 semester hours



Educators currently employed in an Ohio public school or district, chartered non-public school or community school are responsible for the design of an Individual Professional Development Plan, subject to the approval of the Local Professional Development Committee. The plan should be based on the needs of the educator, the students, the school and the school district, and be aligned with the professional educator standards adopted by the State Board of Education.

In accordance with the approved plan, the educator must complete:

  • Six semester hours of coursework related to classroom teaching and/or the area of licensure; or
  • 18 continuing education units (CEUs) (180 contact hours); or
  • Other equivalent activities related to classroom teaching and/or the area of licensure as approved by the Local Professional Development Committee of the employing school, district or agency since the issuance of the license to be renewed.

*For more information please visit the Ohio Department of Education website.


3 graduate semester credits
= 60 professional development/contact hours
= 6 CEUs

9 graduate semester credits
= 180 professional development/contact hours
= 18 CEUs



Educators must earn six (6) credits of collegiate study; or six (6) credits of PDE-approved continuing professional education courses; or 180 hours of continuing professional education programs, activities or learning experiences through a PDE approved provider; or any combination of the above every five (5) years to maintain active certification status. Credits and hours must be related to an educator’s certificate type or area of assignment.

*For more information please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.


Each semester collegiate credit is equal to 30 continuing education hours.

Each quarter collegiate credit is equal to 20 continuing education hours.

All credits and hours must be related to an educator’s certificate type or area of assignment



Virginia educators must earn 180 professional development points every 5 years. Credit from a regionally accredited university may be applied toward these points.

Each semester credit hour is worth 30 professional development points and must be recorded on an official college or university transcript.

*For more information please visit the Virginia Department of Education website.


3 graduate semester credits = 90 professional development points

6 graduate semester credits = 180 professional development points



Teachers, career and technical education teachers, and school support personnel renewing in 2019 and beyond need to complete 120 hours of professional development per five-year renewal cycle. Administrators renewing in 2016 and beyond must complete 100 hours of professional development per five-year renewal cycle.

*For more information, visit the Illinois Department of Education website.


1 graduate credit = 15 PD hours

3 graduate credits = 45 PD hours

New York


Registration: If a certificate holder holds a Permanent or Professional classroom teacher, school leader or a Level III Teaching Assistant certificate, and is practicing in a school district, Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) or nonpublic school located in New York State, they are required to access their TEACH account and “Register.”

Individuals that are issued their first Professional or Teaching Assistant Level III certification starting 7/1/2016 and thereafter with an appropriate certificate requiring registration will be automatically registered for their initial five-year registration period. The registration period will begin when the certification is issued until the last day of the month prior to their birth month in the 5th year.

CTLE: Holders of Level III Teaching Assistant, Professional school leader and classroom teaching certificates must complete 100 hours of CTLE during their five-year Registration period. Satisfaction of this requirement maintains the validity of the certificate. For more information on CTLE requirements, acceptable CTLE activities, etc., go to Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Requirements.

Permanent: Holders of the Permanent certificate do not have to meet a CTLE requirement, but are subject to Registration requirements. The certificate is good for life unless revoked for cause.

*For more information, visit the New York State Department of Education website.


1 graduate credit = 15 CTLE clock hours

3 graduate credits = 45 CTLE clock hours

South Carolina


Educators must earn a minimum of 120 renewal credits within the following time frames in order to meet renewal requirements:

  • Valid certificates must meet requirements within their current certificate’s validity;
  • Expired Professional Certificates must meet all renewal requirements within the five year period prior to their formal request for renewal. Renewal credits earned over five years prior to a request for renewal are not eligible for use in renewing the expired certificate. Expired Professional certificates remain eligible for renewal or certification validity Extension up to 10 school years beyond the certificate’s expiration.

Graduate Course Requirement

Any educator who has not earned a Master’s degree must earn at least 60 of the required 120 renewal credits (equivalent to three semester hours or five quarter hours) in graduate-level coursework through a Regionally Accredited Institute of Higher Education in order to renew their certificate. An educator who must complete a graduate course for certificate renewal must provide an official transcript to the appropriate personnel based on the educator’s employment status for verification purposes.

*For more information, visit the South Carolina Department of Education website.


3 graduate credits = 60 renewal credits

60 professional development hours = 60 renewal credits



Renew Your License

Obtain proof of completion of 6 semester hours or 90 clock hours of renewal credit.

  • 1 semester hour = 15 Colorado clock hours
  • Your credits must not be more than 5 years old.

*For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Education website.


1 semester hour = 15 Colorado clock hours

3 semester hours = 45 Colorado clock hours

*The above information is provided to help you meet the needs for relicensing in individual states and to aid in assisting how these courses may help salary advancement and re-certification. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the course or courses that they complete meet the educational requirements of their corresponding state. For complete and official information, including forms and contact information, please visit your state’s Department of Education website.

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