Mastering the Teaching of Probability and Statistics


Graduate Credit PD Course

Credits: 3 graduate credits per class
Time: Complete anytime within 9 months
Admissions: Start anytime!

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Knowledge of Probability and Statistics content and an undergraduate degree. Students in all 50 states and at overseas schools have successfully completed this course.

Course Description:
The primary goal of this Professional Development (PD) course is for the student to begin to acquire the techniques necessary to effectively teach Probability and Statistics in the secondary school. This course will focus on the investigation of materials, pedagogy, and technology to teach Probability and Statistics and to refresh content knowledge in ways that conform to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards. Students will examine strategies and skills to creatively engage secondary level mathematics students as they begin to master Probability and Statistics.

Course Credit

3 Graduate Credits

Accreditation & Transcripts

Upon completion, students may request a transcript from Converse College, a leader in graduate education and an accredited institution. Credits may be applied towards professional development, licensure renewal, career and salary advancement. Please Note: These courses are not designed to satisfy requirements for those seeking to teach at the community college level or above, or for dual enrollment. Students must check with their state/district for approval.


Textbooks are required for each course and are purchased separately by the student. Please download the syllabus for the information on which textbooks are needed.

Graphing Calculator:

The use of a graphing calculator is required. While participants may use any graphing calculator, the supplemental course videos use the TI-83. The TI-84 is very similar and can easily be used as well. Knowledge and competence for use of other graphing calculators will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

Course Requirements:

This course will be offered through Distance Education. Participating teachers may take up to nine months to complete all requirements. There are no scheduled class sessions or meetings. There is an Internet web site that contains activities, practice problems, four quizzes and a cumulative Final Examination.

Course Topics:

Course topics include but not limited to: Exploring data, normal distribution, quantitative variables, producing data, probability, confidence intervals, and decisions based on inference.


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